There is no one-size fits all website template
While website templates are one of the best resources out there for all businesses there comes a time when what you want isn’t achievable with what is there. If you’re struggling to get your content displayed the way you need it, we can customize it.

Fun fact about Customizations

76%  of people say the most important factor in the design of a website is making it easy to find what you want.



If you want your website to attract a lot of people with different interests, from different areas, you definitely want to include customization or personalization. Website development and customization gives you control to personalize your site to enhance your users experience. If we want to keep people on your website and invoke action in new ways, then chances are we may need some customizations or personalized content.

Customizations can range from a single section to an entire website, which all depends on your needs and goals. At Brandhouse we understand the need and work with you to design and develop sections/pages/websites to fit your needs when templates simply can’t.
We always create with not only the users experience in mind but also yours. We want to ensure you are able to make simple changes and tweaks without the need of any future development.

There are 5 top reasons people seek customization
1. A unique website design to match your brand
2. Creating a better user experience and optimized design
3. Speed
4. Ability to evolve and adapt to business changes
5. Flexibility and functionality