Seven of every ten visitors leave checkout without buying.
You have worked hard to attract visitors to your eCommerce website, but if visitors don’t make it through the checkout process, none of that really matters.

Fun fact about Shopify Cart

If you can boost your checkout completion rate by even five or ten percent, you can make a significant difference in your ROI.


Shopify Cart

Brandhouse programmers have industry experience developing, integrating, implementing and designing shopping carts that streamline the conversion process. We aim to significantly improve your UI/UX on desktop and mobile devices.
According to a report from SalesCycle, average cart abandonment for 2018 was 75.6%, down 1.4% from 2017.
Some sites see as many as eight of every ten visitors move items to the cart, but leave without buying. This information calls for huge opportunity! You've investing the time and money into getting more traffic, both paid and organic, now you need that traffic to convert. Our team works with you to optimize your checkout process and provide the best experience for your customers.
The checkout process and design will vary according to your products and strategy all serving one purpose - reduce abandonment.

Shopify Cart

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