You can’t afford to ignore email marketing.
The impact of email marketing can do much more than just getting messages into inboxes. There’s connections, interest, retention, and promotions your customers want to hear about. 

Fun fact about email marketing

For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42


Email Marketing

In e-commerce, however, we’d argue that whatever sector your business sits in—email marketing needs to be a top priority. Well, despite the fact email might not be the sexiest channel, more often than not, it actually delivers the best ROI. Some marketers may mistake maturity for irrelevance and fear that email won’t be able to cut through the noise. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Unlike social channels which are increasingly pay-to-play as organic reach decreases, email is a tried and tested channel. You aren’t trying to fight for a consumer’s attention while they mindlessly scroll through an increasingly busy newsfeed. When you send email, it is to people who are open to your marketing messages—they signed up for them. For those that open and read, the context is already set. They are intentionally opening a marketing message that they know is from your brand.
They know you have something to offer them and they are open to seeing what that is. Can we say the same of consumers when they are absent-mindedly browsing social channels? Or searching for information online?
Email marketing delivers better ROI because it is wanted, expected, and welcome. It is part of a natural conversation the consumer started when they signed up. As a result, email often converts better than other channels. Benefits of Email Marketing Campaigns: – Email is a behavioral marketing tool Machine learning allows email to predict and shape behavior Email should be at the core of customer experience Use email to provide: Intelligent personalization, Sophisticated segmentation, Better customer experiences.